What does successful workforce management and employee engagement look like with Biopanel Systems?

At Biopanel we are industry experts in time and attendance software with a unique touch. We don’t just simply provide the basic clocking in systems, we’ve uniquely designed a way to combine workforce management, payroll, time and attendance and employee engagement into the BIOPANEL.

As a company we could clearly see the problems organisations faced such as; the possibility of human error when tracking time and attendance, the rise of flexible working and the inability to continuously engage employees in the workplace. Biopanel has eliminated the ability for a workforce to use ‘Buddy punching’ to create obstacles for HR and Finance departments, through implementing the use of Biometrics and can target employee engagement with the ability for users to create media messages that can be displayed to your workforce, however big or small.

In this blog we will give you an insight into what Biopanel can offer your organisation in terms of the workforce management and employee engagement, providing examples of software you will be provided with and cost saving case studies based on current client data.

Workforce Management

The Biopanel has the ability to control and manage scheduling, rostering and the time and attendance of your workforce up to 100-200+ employees. The Biopanel has made paper based and manual time and attendance processes a thing of the past, with its ability to gather live data about employee’s arrival and departure with the touch of a finger. This can save your company and employees wasted time and money. The information is connected to the WFM (workforce management) Dashboard, allowing you to view and extract employee information and work patterns remotely from any given world-wide location.





Employee Engagement

In addition to the core function of a Time & Attendance system, Biopanel is a unique engagement tool that utilises the requirement to clock in and out of work every day, as an opportunity to engage with your workforce. Feedback and communication is key to a company’s employee engagement, however it’s not always easy. We know it’s difficult to get feedback through time consuming surveys, also face to face meetings mean employees aren’t always honest or truthful because they don’t want to upset anyone, especially their manager. However, if employees only had to press a button on a screen to answer questions such as ‘Are you happy with your role at work?’ – They are more likely to answer honestly to an inanimate object.

What can be communicated through the Biopanel?
– Be direct; ask employees how happy they are at work, and allow for honest feedback
– Present daily targets or notices
– Ask employees about availability for overtime
– Conduct short surveys
– Healthy and safety notices
– Job vacancy advertisements

If there’s a question, Biopanel has the answer.

Cost saving example;

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