10 Effective Employee Survey Questions To Engage Your Team

Only 13% of employees are engaged WORLDWIDE. And 51% of employees are searching for new jobs.

Only 13% of employees are engaged WORLDWIDE. The best way go about engaging your workforce is to create simple employee surveys in order to understand what their likes & dislikes are, and much more. This can seek out what your employees enjoy about the company and what the company could do better, in terms of support or general employee facilities.

Here are some simple survey questions to target employee engagement and examples of the type of responses you will receive;


  1. “Would you be likely to recommend your organisation as a good place to work?”

The thinking behind this question is, if you truly liked the place you worked at, you’d be likely to recommend it to others as a good place to work.

Responses can be as simple as a yes or no response, or you can alter the question to receive a “on a scale of 1-10” response.


2. “Are you happy with the frequency at which you receive recognition from your manager?”

60% of workers would like work praised more frequently. With this in mind, this question should show whether you need to give out more praise (however small or big the achievement is). Praise and recognition increases employees’ motivation as they feel appreciated within the workplace. This question only requires a speedy yes/no response. Simple.


3.“Do you feel like your organisation encourages you to give your opinion or feedback?”

Encouraging employees to share opinions is how a company can strive to generating new and unique ideas and promoting healthy discussion leading to the growth of your employees and the company as a whole.


4.“Do you feel that you maintain a healthy balance between work and your personal life?”

Work-life balance is one of the most important engagement issues. 53 percent of employees say a role that allows them to have greater work-life balance and better personal well-being is “very important” to them. This could be a simple 3 response process, for example;

Yes     No     Sometimes

This can highlight whether you need to reduce the hours your staff work or offer more flexible holiday periods.


5.“Do you feel you have the opportunity to improve & develop within your role?”

59% of employees say they don’t feel as though they can “grow and develop” at their organization. Having an insight into the progression of your employees can help you to maintain a good retention rate of employees. Yes/No is the best response options for this question.


6.“Do you and your peers work well together?”

75% of employees rate ream work and collaboration as “very important”. This can improve relationships within the business and make sure people have someone to count on when they need help.

7.“How do you travel to work?”

This one is less intrusive than the others. It still helps to engage with employees but in a different way than the rest. Options should include; Bike, Own car, Car share, Bus, Taxi, Train, walk and other.


8.“On a scale of 1-10, how motivated are you within your role?”

Motivation is the key to engagement. If a person is not motivated, they are not passionate for their job, thus they don’t put their full effort into their work. Use a simple scale, 1 being the least motivated and 10 being extremely motivated.


9.“Would you find one to one meetings helpful for informal chats about what’s going on?”

Ask very specific questions about ideas you have about employee engage so you can consult your workforce before you take any further action. This shows to your employees that you consider and appreciate their opinions. (Simple yes/no response).


10.“What facilities of the organisation would you like to see the greatest improvements to?”

This will allow you to see what your employees like or dislike about the office/workplace, so you understand where improvements can be prioritised. After all, they do spend a lot of their time in there. Include options such as; Toilets, canteen, carpark, smoking area and other options that are specific to only your organisation.


From using Biopanel questions, adverts and survey settings, our clients have been able to target positives and negatives within their organisation and really increase their employee engagement effectively. Check out our case studies for more information.


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