Biopanel Features and Benefits

Allowing you to quickly and effectively communicate with your workforce

Biopanel Interface

  • BiometricLogin

  • Targeted Messages

  • System Integration

  • Data Capture

  • Media Player

  • Intuitive Statistics

  • Build User Profiles

  • Integrated Modules


Biopanel allows you to take control of large workforces. Based initially on managing time and attendance, Biopanel has evolved to effectively communicate with employees using a back office central management system.

Biometric Recognition

Using a 500DPI sensor, the state of the art Biometric technology integrated into a Biopanel is able to identify each employee using a single thumbprint in less than a second. The employee can self register on the touch screen panel which will then automatically store this data until the employee is removed.

Live Data

Biopanel is able to offer a range of management reports which are based on live data. Managing large workforces, including employee attendance, promotional video responses and direct messaging is delivered back in real time to the user centrally.

Technical Support

The Biopanel team work hard to ensure there are no operational distruptions. We provide training, on-going support, and regularly update Biopanel's functionality to meet the demands of our clients.

The state of the art biometric technology

Take a closer look at the Biopanel time and attendance sytem

How much can you save with our solutions?

Using our calculator will help you identify the potential cost savings used when installing and utilising our modular workforce management solution

Installing Biopanel could save you:

Savings per week: £

Savings per year: £

Biopanel will reduce overpayment

Hours gained weekly:

Savings per week: £

Human error

Rate of human error per week: 0.5%

Savings per week: £

Administration Costs

Calculation and entry (hours):

Savings per week: £


Overall attendance is likely to improve if employees are aware that their attendance is being recorded and monitored. Even with a small percentage increase in attendance (1%) then the following savings could be made:

There is always the potential for human error when using a non-computerised system. Many companies will experience errors when using a manual system. Assuming Biopanel can reduce the errors then the following savings could be made:

Figures show it can take up to 7 minutes for managers to calculate a timesheet, and even more time to enter the details in to a compatible payroll system. If it takes 5 minutes per timesheet for calculation and data entry, then the following savings could be made:


The Modules – as scalable as your business

With a foundation of biometric data and communication, you can add Workforce Management Modules as and when your business needs. Build a unique business experience HERE.

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