Sales and Marketing Module

Consistent communications that enable your sales people to be all they can be.

Executive Summary

With so many leads to chase and generate, it’s hard to make sure every customer is getting what they need. With a single application that tracks and records all communications – from calls to emails – your people will keep customers moving along their buyer journey. The Biopanel Sales and Marketing module has a live KPI dashboard. This allows staff to instantly check where customers are in the sales process, how close they are to hitting targets and how much potential business is in the pipeline.

This is a tool for improving sales processes. You can see where you’re winning and losing business and adjust to suit the current market. It’s not all about winning business either – it’s about keeping it too. With every customer’s sales journey and communications recorded, their customer profile means a better and more tailored service.

The Biopanel Sales and Marketing Module manages customer relationships and streamlines your sales process. This converts into a happy and productive sales team.

Keep customers moving

Tracks and logs all customer communications

Measurable values

Live KPI and MI dashboards to monitor customers

Refining sales processes

Monitors all internal sales activity

Standardise communications

Mail merge and consistent letter templates

Sales & Marketing Module


The features of this module outline its characteristics and capabilities, ultimately defining the benefits, giving you a true reflection of what this module can accomplish.

Ensure sales performance

See what’s working in the overall sales process

Well-organized workforce

Staff that can plan, prepare and be more efficient

Brand consistency

Help to communicate what you do and what you stand for

Acquisition and retention

Vital to your brand’s longevity within the industry


Migrating to Biopanel’s Modular Workforce Management is easy. Simply choose the right workforce management solutions for your business and we take care of the rest. A dedicated project manager and implementation team will make sure all your old information is integrated into our new systems.

Then we can run your new workforce management solution in parallel to your old processes – only completing migration when everything is running perfectly.


We understand that your business critical data is essential to your business operations. We provide the levels of governance and compliance with secure website hosting and encrypted data storage.

All of our servers are hosted in Tier 1 data centres with ISO 27001 security accreditation.


With a cast-iron Service Level Agreement, we ensure the highest levels of uptime. Your dedicated project manager ensures smooth operations between from initial customer contact and on going 1st line support.

For additional support, our helpdesk is at hand during business hours. 

Our Modules

With a foundation of biometric data and communication, you can add Workforce Management Modules as and when your business needs. Build a unique business experience using these modules.

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