15 Creative Ways to Reward Employees for less than £10

One of the most common and effective ways to stimulate staff is through incentives and rewards. These can be given out for their hard work or simply to recognise their role in the team.

It is important to avoid the mistake of setting the bar too high, as employees may feel under pressure or stressed out if they do not meet such exacting standards

What’s more, you will also need to pick the right rewards and incentives, otherwise your workforce won’t feel inclined to work towards them.

Unfortunately, some companies won’t have the budget or resources to provide impressive monetary bonuses. But that doesn’t mean to say you can’t reward employees in other ways. For instance, here are 15 creative incentives that cost less than £10 each.

1. Mystery prize

Blindfold the lucky employee and get them to pick their prize out of a hat. Use your imagination to think of fun prizes, such as an extra 30-minute lunch break or a free breakfast of their choice.

2. Day off pass

The vast majority of us will have some days where we simply do not want to work. As an employer, you should recognise this and reward employees with a no questions asked, day off pass.

3. Wall of fame

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Everybody loves a little bit of attention now and again, so fix up a wall of fame in your office where one employee’s picture or achievements gets pride of place for the week/month.

4. Public recognition

Similar to the wall of fame but not so noticeable, public recognition can take the form of a company meeting, office-wide email, company newsletter, website announcement, social media post or workplace noticeboard.

5. Car wash

Most people don’t have the time or inclination to wash their car, which is why this makes for a great incentive. This prize can be carried out by the employee’s manager or a senior member of staff to remind the workforce you are all in it together.

6. Movie tickets

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Thanks to a loophole on insurance website Comparethemarket, you will only have to pay £2 to receive two-for-one cinema tickets. Members of staff will be none the wiser but can still enjoy a movie with a friend, family member or loved one for half the price.

7. Lottery tickets or scratch cards

This will create a lot of excitement among your workforce, which is great for morale. However, if they do end up winning the jackpot, you might have to recruit some new personnel!

8. Surprise lunch

You can either order some food from a local eatery or make something yourself to show how much the company cares about its employees.

9. M&S Dine In For Two for £10

You can’t argue with a main course, side, dessert, and a bottle of wine all for £10. You can ask your employees what their preference is before heading out to M&S for them.

10. Personalised mug

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These don’t cost much to produce but once again show you care about each and every employee. Just make sure it doesn’t encourage your staff to take too many tea or coffee breaks!

11. Mini hamper

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You don’t have to go overboard with this one, just a handful of treats that every employee will appreciate. If you make it a recurring reward, consider buying items in bulk.

12. A book or magazine

When it comes to this incentive, you should try to find out what the recipient’s interests or hobbies are and buy a book or magazine according to this. Otherwise, they might not have the motivation to work harder for their prize.

13. Themed reward

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Coincide your incentives with the time of year or your staff’s circumstances. For example, it could be related to Christmas, Easter, or another public holiday. Alternatively, give a gift that would come in handy for your employee’s upcoming holiday.

14. Online gift of their choice

Another way of ensuring your staff are happy with their reward is to give them the choice. Use a site like Prezzybox or I Want One Of Those and allow them anything up to £10.

15. Personalisation

Last but not least, remember just how important it is to give your staff a reward they will enjoy and appreciate. Find out what their passions are and find a gift that relates to these.

With any incentive, the gift should be a reflection of your employee’s achievements too. For significant feats or impressive performances, consider handing over a reward of equal merit. Otherwise, certain members of staff might become disillusioned with the fact their efforts aren’t being rewarded in the right away.

However, adhere to this advice and keep things light-hearted to reap the benefits below that incentivising staff can bring.

  • Help persuade staff to join your business
  • Help retain existing staff
  • Increase staff motivation and morale
  • Increase productivity
  • Help motivate employees on achieving targets
  • Help build teamwork to achieve business targets

How do you reward your employees? Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments below.

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