Biometric time and attendance solutions are no longer a luxury- they’re a necessity.

The Biometric time and attendance solutions have gained popularity with businesses and organisations globally over the past few years. Advances in technology have led to the development in T&A systems, meaning there is no longer a need for paper based systems and Biometric time and attendance systems are a necessity for every organisation. So let’s run through the basics and the benefits.

What is a Biometric time and attendance system?
Biometric is the technical term for body measurements and calculations. Biometric authentication is used in computer science as a form of identification and access control. Biometric time and attendance solutions typically use finger print (like the Biopanel) or hand scans in order to individually identify different employees in the workplace, allowing them to effectively clock–in or out, creating an easier system for HR and Payroll services. This state of the art technology has revolutionised the workplace as they help to stop loss of money on payroll discrepancies and employee management. The use of Biometric technology as a time and attendance solution provides an organisation with reliability, accuracy and organisation in workforce management.

What is Biopanel?
Biopanel is everything you expect from a time and attendance system, but a little bit more. Biopanel is unique. It provides an organisation with a stable time and attendance system, tracking employee’s attendance and reporting into a system where live data is collected from the terminals. Using finger print technology, each employee is unique and ‘buddy punching’ is eliminated. No more payroll errors, no more paper based systems, and less time spent completing time consuming tasks. This can help you as a business to streamline payroll and workforce management processes, gathering all data securely into a dashboard for company use. However, on top of the basics, Biopanel provides you with the ability to engage with your workforce in the process. As a business, we understood that employees spent a lot of their working day clocking in/out or signing out for breaks. So, why not utilise this time to engage with employees?

Benefits of Biometric time and attendance solutions

No time wasted
Quickens the process of time tracking and workforce management, eliminating the need for painstaking paper based time and attendance systems.

No time theft
Eliminates the ability for employees to use buddy punching in the workplace as individual finger print is used. Therefore less payroll errors, saving you time and money.

No payroll or payment discrepancies
Whether its employees being under-paid or payroll errors in the system, this can cost organisations lots of money over a period of time. With Biometric time systems you can be sure that errors are eliminated and the ability to track the exact attendance of an employee is accurate and hassle free.

Any device, any time and any where
We might not be speaking for all biometric systems across the globe, but at Biopanel our time and attendance system is accessible for remote workers and can be dispersed over numerous locations. The dashboard (back office system) can be accessed from any given location on any device, whether that’s on your phone, tablet or laptop, you are connected with a touch of a button or in biometric terms, with a touch of a finger. Employee time tracking and attendance along with employee engagement results are all available to export into PDF and spreadsheet formats through the Biopanel Workforce Management system.


For more information on Biopanel services and its benefits click here.

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