8 ways to make a fun work environment everyone will love

Creating fun work environments can lead to happier employees, and happy employees mean more productive employees, right? You’re correct, studies show that happier employees that have fun at work are 12% more productive.

Creating fun work environments can lead to happier employees, and happy employees mean more productive employees, right? You’re correct, studies show that happier employees that have fun at work are 12% more productive. Also, maintaining a fun working environment, creativity is consequently boosted within employees. Individual’s ability to learn improves when the task at hand is enjoyable, potentially leading to a more relaxed employee. Recent studies showed that 70% said that they would feel happier if they didn’t work in traditional office setting, so maybe it’s time to redecorate?

Here are few ways you can create a fun work environment;

1. Chill/games area
Fill a section of the office with comfy beanbags or couches. Install an Xbox or other games consoles for employees to use. This allows individuals to have a 10 minute break to clear their minds. You can’t break staff away from their desks unless you provide somewhere more relaxing to go. A change of scenery can help an individual to think better. A lot of businesses now have a pool table or ping pong table, this helps people to communicate better in a more relaxed environment, fuelling new relationships and ensuring your employees have a good work-life balance without evening knowing it.


2. Work Nights out
Organise nights out for all of the work staff maybe just for a few drinks or book an escape room. This can promote new or existing friendships in the work place, and sometimes forces your employees to work as a team. Enjoying Co-workers Company outside of work is a key factor to someone enjoying coming to work on a Monday instead of them dreading it because they dislike their team.

3. Get an office pet
This is frequently known as an ‘office dog’ as they a well-known to help reduce stress, that’s why universities often have therapy dogs as they help students relax during exam periods. Current research has shown that having a canine companion in the office can actually increase productivity, reduce stress and spark communication between employees. Go on, take your dog to work!



4. Decorate
Make the office look pretty and exciting rather than dull and boring. Plants are a simple yet affective accessory to add to the office, as not only do they look nice, they have been proven to positively influence the air quality helping to increase productivity by 15% and reduce stress. Creating a colourful workplace is also conducive to productivity and creativity, so don’t be afraid to add a splash of paint here and there.

5. Personalize Space
Let each employee decorate their desks in a different way with the things they love, so they can make it as creative/personal as they wish. This gives them a sense of belonging and individualism in the workplace as they are allowed to ‘make their mark’. Also, consult employees on how they would like the whole office to be decorated, so it’s a consensus rather than just a managerial decision. Helping to break down those barriers of hierarchy is key to employee engagement.

6. Free Beer Fridays
Get the drinks in, it’s Friday! Sometimes it’s fun to start the weekend early, and it’s the least you can do to thank your hard working employees from time to time. This puts them into a relaxed environment for better socializing. This is a great idea for a new office or early start up to make sure people get to know each other face to face, rather than just over email.

7. Make team meetings a social gathering
Team meetings don’t have to be full of yawning employees. Treat your team to a takeaway to make meetings interesting not tedious. Trust me, everyone will love you for it. Who doesn’t love takeaway? BUT, this will only work if you DON’T make the team meetings all about business, go off topic every now and again, life is too short to be serious all the time.

8. Wall of fame
Find a space where employees can post feedback and appreciation onto a pin board in the main section of the office. This is where anyone can put nice notes on the wall when they want to thank someone or congratulate them on a task they’ve completed. Feedback and appreciation is one of the main things that can help motivate employees. Especially if it comes from the employees line manager and their co-workers. 43% of highly engaged employees receive feedback weekly, trust us, it’s a good idea to give feedback frequently.

To understand now about employee engagement, check out our employee statistics blog that you need to know.

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