How to improve workforce productivity and employment costs by using Biopanel Systems

Is ‘Buddy Punching’ a problem within your company? Here's how our unique workforce management solution can help your business.

Is ‘Buddy Punching’ a problem within your company? Unsure what this is? Firstly, it’s nothing more than one employee asking a co-worker to clock in or out for him/her to get paid for hours they haven’t worked or to avoid potential disciplinary actions (for example if they were late or left work early.) Secondly and more importantly this is a hidden expense that most companies are completely unaware of. Paying workers for time they have not worked not only carries a monetary value and cost to the business but also a reduction in productivity meaning your output is lower.

Buddy punching is one of the main problems revolving around swipe card, manual workforce management or time card solutions as employees have the ability to share codes/Pin numbers and much more. Therefore, the accuracy of employees worked hours and days can never be guaranteed. Biometric time and attendance systems enable you to provide a stable workforce management organisation, that minimises the chance of mistakes.


Minimal personal information is required for the Biopanel and people often think Biometric time systems take the whole finger print, but it doesn’t, Only Government bodies are legally allowed to store a fully recognisable fingerprint. Don’t worry your finger print it safe with us. The Biopanel simply recognises 7-12 points of a finger print and through an algorithm generates a finger template. Once the template is stored, a full fingerprint cannot be recreated from the stored information which is unique to each individual. This is not stored on the system and cannot be retrieved from the Terminals. This innovation into time and attendance systems means that ‘buddy punching’ or ‘time theft’ is eliminated.


This then leads us nicely to understanding that if the Biopanel can no longer be used for Buddy Punching to help out a work friend, then surely when it comes to payroll and working out employees’ hours, the accuracy is a definite. Using the Biopanel, time can be calculated to the minute and with no human interactions, the calculations are without error, supporting your business when it comes to accurate payroll.



The Biopanel also allows you to capture live data and statistics about when the workforce clocked in or out. All the information links back to our efficient and easy to navigate cloud based Dashboard. Biopanel is able to offer a range of management reports which are based on live data. Managing large workforces, including employee attendance, promotional video responses and direct messaging is delivered back in real time to the user centrally.


Unrivalled and Unique. Unlike any other workforce management system, we have taken the daily requirement of employees to clock in and out of work and created a facility for Management to communicate key business and wellbeing messages to individuals/teams or all of the business. In addition, Biopanel has a unique function of being able to display flash messages and display business videos as a digital information notice board when not being used for T&A. We can commission video’s / H&S message slides/ Worker welfare notices and much more.

Through working with some of the best HR professionals in the UK, we know people find it uncomfortable giving feedback about the running of the business or how happy they are within their work environment when it’s face to face with a Manager. However, the Biopanel allows you to ask the questions you want to know the answers to, just by touching a button on a tablet? Easy right? This can effectively deliver key information to your workforce or simply do quick surveys one question at a time. This information is immediately captured into the Biopanel Dashboard for you to utilise or export, using it however you like. The ability to be able to act upon an urgent request and communicate this to all of the business is a revolution in workforce management.



The Biopanel is the one stop solution for you and your workers when it comes to operational workforce management, communication and employee welfare. A few examples of the self-service option are the ability to request holidays, book meetings with HR all in one place at the Biopanel removing the need for paper-based request forms. Your options are endless.


Call or get in touch to learn how Biopanel Systems can add huge benefit to your business by replacing a current cost of your system or adding value and reducing costs by replacing a manual process.

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