Biopanel; Cook up a workforce management storm with your restaurant employees.

To give yourself a competitive edge on the running of your restaurant is having the best workforce management software. If you haven’t already started cooking up a storm with a Biometric workforce management system, you’re making things much harder for yourself.

We know running a restaurant or chain can make it difficult to track all of your staff. So, wouldn’t it be nice if you could track the time and attendance of all your employees, whilst engaging with them on a daily basis, all in one Biometric device? To give yourself a competitive edge on the running of your restaurant you need the best workforce management software. If you haven’t already started cooking up a storm with a Biometric workforce management system, you’re making things much harder for yourself.

Scheduling and payroll

Biopanel has combined the ability to track the time and attendance of a large number of employees using Biometric technology to also engage with your workforce. With the ability to remotely access and administrate time and attendance, scheduling, see who’s working, manage holidays and much more, you have no worries about maintaining your workforce, whatever location or work pattern they have. Shift work and flexible work patterns can be difficult to track when spread over multiple location, specifically when a restaurant owns a chain. If you provide the best manager service to all employees, including reliable payroll structures, this avoids discrepancies with employees and creates a solid retention rate.

Employees like the ability to feel secure and organised. The ability to post schedules and rotas, but also book holidays/days off through your Biometric time and attendance software, means these can be scheduled weeks in advance. Employees appreciate this from managers, as they can arrange personal activities and have a positive work-life balance, improving employee morale. Biopanel does this and more, find contact details below.

The WFM (workforce management system) can be personalised to your business and how many employees. Reports can be extracted from employees worked hours and directly used to run payroll. This eliminates errors, as the live data of when employees clocked in or out and the length of breaks, holidays and sick days can be tracked. With use of the Finger print technology, buddy punching is no longer a workplace issue, helping with compliance problems in Payroll.

However, Biopanel has a secret weapon built into its time and attendance system. We have utilised employee time spent clocking in and out of work everyday as a time to engage with employees. This can be used to target and convey information to individuals or workforces as a whole, for example, the ability to show all employees ‘dishes of the day’ or ‘soup of the day’ at the start of their shift. OR you can ask questions such as ‘Who can swap shifts with Kirsty on Thursday 6-finish?’ with the answer options ‘yes or no’ – then a message could be displayed after, if they replied saying ‘yes’, to say ‘please contact your line manager to discuss shift swap, thank you!’. This makes communicating with lots of employees, who all start shifts at different times during the day/evening, simple and effective. This means you have a competitive advantage over competitors as you can communicate with employees whenever and wherever, which helps maintain a good and organised working relationship with all staff. Also, our engagement aspect of the Biopanel allows you to ask questions about job role opportunities, extra hours, refer a friend messages, weekly/daily offers, enjoyment of work and much more. Here is one of our examples;


Contact us for more information or to see how Biopanel could benefit your business.



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