How to not make ‘employee engagement’ a buzz phrase in the workplace.

Employee Engagement is becoming a buzzword, used too often and no action taken. Let's change that.

Employee engagement is thrown around a lot nowadays. It’s becoming a buzzword that people take no action on. The statistic still stands that 51% of employees are actively looking for a new job or watching for new job openings (Gallup). If only 15% of employees WORLDWIDE are actively engaged then surely when a business simply just ‘treats employees well’, it’s not enough right?

Many companies believe they are actively promoting employee engagement within the workplace because they provide benefits such as healthcare funds. However, in the 21st century when millennials are changing the way business runs, we need to provide the best engagement programs there is. This doesn’t just include work perk benefits like health and dental care (even though we shouldn’t dismiss them), millennials are changing the workplace demanding for a better work/life balance. Three quarters of the population say flexible working benefits makes a job more appealing, most would prefer this over a pay rise. With 48% of millennials and generation Z employees claiming they don’t have enough time to see family and friends, it’s time to take action to provide solid employee engagement plans.


If you deal with full time employees, you have to remember they spend most of their time in the workplace. Therefore, making a workplace that provides a good work/life balance and often provides the fun and laughter, you are more likely to have happier and more engaged employees who will want to stick around. Especially if you take time to communicate and ask questions about thoughts and feelings on work or management, you can understand employee’s feelings without just guessing that everything is ‘okay’. Providing a support network allows employees to feel comfortable to talk and express issues/problems or ask for help. Another way to engage employees is to provide a relaxed and fun working environment, for example, free beer Friday’s, early finishes or group nights out. This can also be heightened through gamification in the workplace, which will help you see physical differences in the engagement of employees as it can provide competition and an incentive to engage with work and complete it effectively. For example, a £20 voucher for the first person to makes a new sale over £1000 – if you managed retail staff working in a furniture outlet.


Biopanel has the answer. The ability to communicate and engage with every employee in any given time location. For more information on our unique employee engagement programme all part of our Biometric time and attendance system, click this link. Or call us now! 0844 847 5121

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