GDPR and how it affects your T&A system

We all know you can’t just simply ‘surf’ the web anymore without being hit with a ‘do you accept cookies?’ button or a privacy policy statement. This is all down to the new GDPR policy inflicted earlier this year. We want to show you how this affects your T&A or HR systems, and clear up any concerns you may have about your Biopanel.

The Benefits of having Biometric time and attendance system is that it helps to provide security of data and protection to your employees based on the data they provide when they clock in or out. Or the information they have provided into your payroll system. Biometrics help strengthen the reliability of attendance tracking and issues based on compliance.

Passwords are reportedly account for 81 percent of hacked-related data incidents or breeches. Swipe cards are highly unreliable as they can be easily misplaced but Biometric finger prints or facial recognition provides the safety and security that they can’t be easily spoofed or hacked without the person. Biometrics are an easy way to combat fraud, misconduct, loss of time cards, buddy punching and other compliance issues.


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However, there have been speculations that Biometric data is intrusive for employees, as finger prints or facial recognition is invading an employee’s privacy. Here at Biopanel your data is safe with us. We cover the basic benefits of providing a lesser chance of payroll discrepancies or buddy punching. However, most importantly, it isn’t full finger print (we aren’t the MI5, we don’t need it). We only store the algorithm of several points of the finger print but not the full finger print data. Through the Dashboard no personal data is necessary other than the basics. This makes Biopanel completely safe for your business and providing your employees with the privacy they need.

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The Biopanel Compliance Module means operating legally and efficiently with constant reassurance you’re up-to-date on new compliance laws. Check out our modules pages for more information.

We hope this was helpful for you!

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