How to create a positive work environment & modern management

It’s time to clock into 2018, just doing ‘enough’ isn’t enough anymore. The stereotype of ‘you don’t have to like your boss/job’ has grown old, as everyone appreciates having a workplace that is caring and nurturing. 89 percent of bosses believe employees quit because they want more money, only 12% do. This is down to reason such as lack of challenging and engaging work or support in the workplace.


This is key to a positive work environment. Workers spend most of their time in the workplace so making it as transparent as possible is key. They will feel as though what they say, or think is valued in the workplace. Open discussions about the company helps to fuel creativity and productivity. But also having general chats about life outside of work helps to provide a sense of friendship/belonging in the workplace.

Work life balance
Millennials are demanding a solid work life balance. This is because they want to make time for family and friends. Work can often be stressful and take over someone’s personal life as they are incapable of ‘switching off’ from work. By providing early finishes or flexible working means employees aren’t burnt out during work, enabling them to work to their full potential. This can help to increase retention rate but also helps hiring new employees, as it is shown that ¾’s of the population say flexible working makes a job more appealing and would prefer this to a pay rise.

Since the rise of offices such as Google, Facebook, Dropbox and Air Bnb, we are put into a competitive recruiting environment. Your working environment must now compete with places that have swings as chairs, allowing dogs/pets into the office every day, free food & drink, places to nap, multiple different themes for working environments and much more. So, when decorating or preparing for how you may care for employees, plan with a creative mind. How about early finish on a Friday or Happy Hour & Free Pizza Friday?

fun at work

Investing into employee development and training can show to employees that you care about their constant improvement in their jobs and learning. Not only can this benefit them but also the business as they become more knowledgeable in the job, resulting in higher productivity.

Recognition/ Appraisal
39% of employees don’t feel appreciated or recognised in the workplace, often resulting in lower levels of productivity as employees’ question whether their work is appreciated. By giving frequent feedback in the workplace and engaging with the work your subordinates are doing, creates better relationships and bonds, making for a better work environment. On the other hand, to ensure how employees feel about your leadership or general running of the business, can ensure you are providing a work environment tailored to the wants and needs of your employees.


Millennials & Modern Leadership
The future of leadership is changing in the workplace as the environment changes along with millennials. You need to be a step ahead and create a better and more caring working environment for your employees.

millennials at work

Innovation– Making sure you think outside the box when you are recruiting staff (look for something unique and different), but also think outside the box about how you treat employees. Running business uniquely gives you a competitive advantage over other companies, as employees will know you as a fun and caring company. Allow your organisation to encourage innovation by standing out from the ordinary.

Empathic– It’s often seen as unusual when managers and businesses care about their staff. By providing constant opportunities for development, showering employees with praise & recognition, rewards and much more, this creates a better working environment with less hostility and breaks down the barriers between managers and subordinates. Feedback is the key for most employees as shown above, so making sure you have the ability to listen to employees is a highly respected trait. Furthermore, investing in employees professional and personal life is important to maintaining a respectable position.

Diversity– welcoming everyone regardless of religious belief, gender, race, background, sexuality or ethnicity is a necessity in the 21st century. This is key to creating a modern working environment, where no one is judged or discriminated against. You will open yourself to opportunity to engage with creative, innovative, unique and driven individuals.

diversity in the workplace

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